Partnering With CICC

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) invites you to join with numerous other individuals and organizations in The National Partnership Campaign to Find and Help Young Children with Special Needs (see Press Release).

The Campaign is intended to turn around a deplorable and unacceptable situation: the vast majority of the three million children under five years of age in the United States who have special needs are NOT being identified and helped before they enter school.

Because these vulnerable children with a variety of social, emotional, intellectual and physical problems are not being identified early in life, they and their families cannot be helped through early intervention programs and services. When they are identified and helped early in life, they are much more likely to become productive and independent adults. Otherwise, they and their families suffer greatly and the children rarely reach their full potential and productivity.

You can learn about children with special needs by visiting the What Is A Special Need? section of our website.

Now, please give serious consideration to becoming a partner in the National Campaign. Partnering individuals and organizations work closely with CICC in educating, sponsoring and encouraging parents and professionals who work with young children to utilize the CICC Discovery Tool and Referral System. Use of this online Tool not only educates about child development and assists in identifying whether or not a particular child may have special needs, it also connects them to the services and resources they may need. Altogether, the Tool provides Seven Basic Benefits.

User fees support this practical and well-researched tool. The regular fee is $14.95 for the one time use of the Tool for a specific child, and $24.95 for unlimited use of the Tool for one year to keep track of the development of a specific child.

There are two types of Campaign Partnerships, both of which are designed to stimulate and insure that more parents of young children take the Discovery Tool, and thereby that more children with special needs are found and helped before they begin school. These partnerships are also intended to enhance the status and reputation of the partners.

Co-Sponsoring Partnerships

This type of partnership provides partnering organizations with special recognition in that their name and/or logo appears on the Discovery Tool.

Here, the partnering organization contracts with CICC to pay a reduced user fee so that its members, employees, clients, patients, customers or subscribers can use the Tool free-of-charge.

This Co-Sponsoring Partnership allows for the Tool to be customized in order to meet the particular needs of the partner and has other advantages. More information on these organization partnerships is available by clicking on the Co-Sponsoring Partnership menu items in the left margin at the top of this page.

Encourager Partnerships

These partnerships are for both organizations and individuals. They engage in a variety of activities to encourage their personal contacts, members, employees, clients, patients, subscribers or customers to take the Tool. Their contacts, members, etc. pay the regular user fee when they use the Tool.

Fundraising Features

Encourager Partners earn a portion of that fee in recognition of their successful efforts at encouraging the use of the Tool. They also earn a portion of the contracted amount when they are successful in encouraging other organizations to become Co-Sponsoring Partners. Thus, the Encourager Partnership opportunity serves as a fundraiser to support the partner’s family or organization.

There are also many other advantages that can be learned by clicking on the relevant menu items in the left margin at the top of this page. There you will also learn about the promotional materials and presentations that CICC makes available to help encouragers to be successful, including The Encourager Partner Kit of guidelines and suggestions.

Who Can Become Partners?

The following individuals and organizations are eligible to become partners with CICC:

Child Advocates
Child Psychiatrists
Child Psychologists
Childbirth Educators
Child Care Centers
Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
Child Disability Organizations
Child Guidance Clinics
Child Health and Disability Prevention Providers
Child Welfare Departments and Agencies
Civic and Cultural Groups
Community-Based Organizations
Early Intervention Agencies
Early Intervention Specialists
Employee Assistance Programs
Family Child Care Homes
Family Resource Centers
Family Service Organizations
Family Support Agencies
First 5 Commissions
Head Start Agencies
Health Departments
Health Insurance Plans
Health Maintenance Organizations
Marriage and Family Therapists
Mental Health Clinics
Military Bases
National Organizations
Parenting Instructors
Parent Organizations
Parenting Magazines
Parenting Program Developers and Publishers
Parenting Websites
Pharmaceutical Firms
Private Practices
Public and Private Schools
Service Clubs
Special Needs Organizations
Social Workers
Regional Centers
Religious Organizations
Wellness Centers
Work and Family Programs
Universal Preschool Programs

I am interested in Becoming a Partner with CICC.

I would like to take The CICC Discovery Tool™ right now for a specific child.

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