Monthly Archives: October 2015

Presidential Candidates

Candidates for the 2016 presidential election would be doing a fine public service if they discussed how their administration will promote effective parenting and parenting education.

We at CICC have created a position paper to provide all candidates with research-based definitions and with examples of projects that would make America a more family-friendly nation. These can be used in policy statements and on the campaign trail.

A copy of this position paper is available here:

Effective Parenting and Parent Education_Presidential_2015

You are herein encouraged to question the candidates about effective parenting and parenting education using the ideas from this paper.

Get Home Safely

Encounters with police have proven deadly in cities across our nation. Especially so if you are a youth of color.

We at CICC have responded by adopting and using a set of practical rules or guidelines for parents to share with their children and families. These rules are designed to insure that children and youth and anyone else who is stopped by police “get home safely.”

The 10 rules were developed by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Here they are:

Get Home Safely Rules

We have begun sharing these as part of our parenting instructor training workshops which prepare people to conduct high quality parenting classes in their communities. The rules fit in perfectly with all of the basic parenting skills that are taught in these workshops.

We urge you to make extensive use of these safety rules. If you are interested in also bringing a parenting instructor training workshop to your community, click INSTRUCTOR WORKSHOPS to learn about these workshops and how to bring them to your group or community.