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Instructor Training Workshop to Bring CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program to Your Community

Parents of African American children are disproportionately over-represented among those who are reported for child abuse and neglect, especially in urban communities.

CICC’s Effective Black Parenting program has been the preventive and interventive program, that for over four decades, has been chosen by community and government agencies to address this scandalous situation.

The vehicles for bringing this research-supported, national model program into communities are instructor training workshops to prepare service providers to deliver the Effective Black Parenting Program locally.

During the week of October 30 to November 3, 2017, such a workshop will be conducted in Chicago, Illinois. There are still a few openings in that workshop.

Here are the specifics:

1) PURPOSE: To learn how to deliver classes in the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

2) WHAT YOU GET: 5 Days of Professional Training, a Complete Instructor’s Kit of materials needed to run classes, and Certification to conduct classes.

3) ENROLLMENT FEE: $1,495.00 (which includes Complete Instructor’s Kit)

4) WORKSHOP LEADER: Ida A. Collier, a National Trainer of Workshops in CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

5) LOCATION: UCAN – 3605 W.Fillmore Street, Chicago, IL 60624

6) TIME COMMITMENT: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon.-Fri., Oct. 30 – Nov. 3, 2017

To Enroll, Click Here and be sure that you also complete the Enrollee Information Form at the bottom of that page. While enrolling, you can read reactions from parents who have just graduated from the program.

By completing this Workshop, you will be joining over 5,000 colleagues in 44 States and the District of Columbia who have been similarly trained over the last 4 decades.

CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program has won numerous awards, including being honored for its effectiveness at the White House.


Dr. Alvy receiving congratulations from President Clinton for CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

To obtain Instructional Materials for CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program, Click here

To learn more about CICC & Dr. Alvy, Click here

Parenting Errors Book Earns Star Review of Excellent Merit

Dr. Alvy’s new guidebook for parents, PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them, has just been awarded the Star Review of Excellent Merit from the prestigious Pacific Book Review.

The Review appears below in its entirety. It was written by Ella Vincent of the Family and Relationships/Parenting subdivision of Pacific Books.

For further descriptions of the book and to purchase copies of PARENTING ERRORS for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, or as gifts, go to the book’s website,

Here is the Review:

Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them is a perceptive and helpful guide to assist parents and caregivers by child psychologist Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, offering solutions for harried parents to calmly deal with the unpredictable behaviors of their children.

Parenting Errors details the mistakes parents often make when raising children. Alvy notes how parents should not be too lenient nor too authoritarian with kids to make the most impact. Alvy advocates when parents make mistakes, they should take action to correct those actions in a productive way. Parenting Errors has useful steps that parents can take; such as to apologizing to children when they’re wrong. He also advocates progressive parenting tips such as talking to a child to resolve a conflict together.

Alvy’s advice is common sense advice any wise parent should have no problem in assimilating. He adds statements of positive reinforcement which parents can recite to their children in frequent situations, such as during a child’s temper tantrums. Parents can easily apply the clearly written advice, step-by-step to any tough parenting situation.

Though Parenting Errors has script-like sentences parents can literally recite to kids, the book also addresses special parenting circumstances. In a refreshing change from other parental advice books, Alvy addresses the different challenges faced by parents of color and how so many were raised with more authoritarian parenting with corporal punishment. He wants minority parents to break the cycle of harsh parenting and embrace more non-violent resolutions to correct a child’s misbehavior. He delves into the complicated history of African-American parenting since slavery with great sensitivity. Despite the past, Alvy advocates that African-American parents counteract the ugly legacy of corporal punishment in parenting dating back to slavery with positive affirmations to their children about Black pride.

Parenting Errors would be best for parents and caregivers who are dealing with troublesome toddlers or rebellious teenagers. Fans of modern parenting advice books such as The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary would love Alvy’s expertise as well. Even old-school parents who want to maintain control over their children will like the advice Alvy dispenses about how to admit their parenting mistakes to their kids while still exercising parental authority.

Parents who want to openly communicate with their kids will also appreciate the advice of Parenting Errors and can share the text with other parents in book clubs. This book would make a perfect gift for parents-to-be as well as current parents who may need a bit of extra guidance. Additionally, Alvy’s book would be great for child psychologists who want to study the best current psychological methods to help parents and children. Parenting Errors: How To Solve Them is an insightful text that will help parents overcome mistakes to become the best parents they can be, resulting in having the best children they can have also.
Pacific Book Review by Ella Vincent