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An Educational Alternative


The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) is pleased to share with you some practical ideas about the value of Home Schooling as an alternative to traditional public and private schooling.

This article was suggested and written by Sally Perkins.

What Kids May Not Be Learning at School

Whether you choose to send your child to school, or you decide to do homeschooling, there are many ways for our little ones to gain a comprehensive set of experiences and life skills. As parents, we know that it is challenging to raise our kids as they face the many phases of growing up, especially since we are likely to make certain parenting errors that will need attention and fixing. It can be difficult, at times, to always know what is best for our children.

But there are certain things that kids may not be learning in the classroom—skills that can ultimately help them become smarter and more adaptable to life in a variety of environments. According to research on homeschooling by the National Home Education Research Institute, there are 2.3 million home–educated students in United States, with the population increasing each year by 2-8%. Clearly, there are a number of benefits to homeschooling our kids, including:

Learning the Best Ways to Learn

In traditional schools, children are sometimes educated to be tiny encyclopedias, which is a result of the fact that teachers tend to focus more on the amount of information that the students receive. Due to standardized testing and other regulated programs at school, some children may not be able to keep up with this influx of information and may fall behind. This discourages learning and wipes out the joy in going to school. Memorization is useless in the long wrong, making it more important for parents to teach their kids ways to learn conceptually.

More Practice Time

In addition to expanding the way that children learn, homeschooling also makes for more time for practicing extra curricular activities. Homeschooling allows kids to finish their schoolwork in a much shorter period of time than those who spend the entire day in the classroom. This means that there is plenty of spare time to hone a child’s interests and their hobbies. Giving kids time to play, to practice sports, and to explore their interests can help them develop needed skills like problem solving and self-control.

Cherishing a Healthy Lifestyle

A final benefit of homeschooling is that parents can encourage and teach their kids how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While many school programs include health classes, these classes do not necessarily give children the opportunity to practice living healthfully. Parents can garden with their children, which can teach them a wide variety of essential life skills and give them the opportunity to exercise. Plus, parents can lead by example and carve out time during the day to prepare healthy snacks and to be physically active. This balance can otherwise be difficult for kids to achieve in the classroom.

If you are a parent considering the best route for your child’s schooling, be sure to reflect on all of the benefits of homeschooling that can help your child find time to live healthfully, grow their interests, and be excited about learning.