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Press Release for CICC’s Los Angeles County Effective Parenting Project

CICC’s Los Angeles County Effective Parenting Project Started!

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) reports that it has been spearheading a multi-faceted Effective Parenting Project for the residents and agencies of Los Angeles County since 2015.

Such a countywide effort is being announced right now, as the Project has already shown great potential to help thousands of parents to become as effective and sensitive as possible in raising their children.

Since 2015, the Project has trained over 125 new parenting instructors, from the cities of Los Angeles, Palmdale, Lancaster and Pomona. These educators and social workers have been trained to deliver classes in two national model parenting skill-building programs, the Effective Black Parenting Program for parents of African American children and the Los Ninos Bien Educados Program for parents of Latino children.

A variety of local agencies from these cities, including the Children’s Bureau, El Projecto del Barrio, Shields for Families and Prototypes, are now delivering classes in those programs to the families their agencies serve. So too have been the regional offices of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

More instructor training workshops are being planned, including in The New Confident Parenting Program which is a parenting skill-building program for all parents regardless of cultural background.

Another recent aspect of this Project is a new guidebook for all parents. Written by Dr. Alvy, it is entitled PARENTING ERRORS: How to Solve Them. As all parents make some errors in raising their children, the guidebook provides practical skills and approaches for defining and overcoming such errors. It has already been reviewed to be “an easy-to-read approach to universal parenting mistakes and from which almost anyone can benefit to become better adults. It presents a standard for generations to model” (US Review of Books, 2017).

About CICC This nonprofit organization was established in 1974 and has become one of the most productive and influential parenting education groups in the nation. Over one million parents have already been helped by CICC’s various programs and services. 8000 instructors nationwide, from 2500 agencies, have been trained through CICC’s instructor training workshops.

About Dr. Alvy He is a clinical child psychologist who was honored as a Distinguished Alumni from the university where he received his doctorate, as well as being honored at the White House for his and CICC’s work to enhance the status and effectiveness of parents. He is the father of two adult children who also work professionally to improve the personal lives of others.

If your group is interested in sponsoring any of the 5-day Instructor Training Workshops, to prepare and certify more instructors, can fill out a Workshop Application Form. Click HERE to download the form.

The PARENTING ERRORS book can be obtained at

The Parent’s Handbooks for the 3 Programs can be obtained by clicking HERE