A Holiday Gift That Will Be Greatly Appreciated!

With so many holidays upon us, and so many gifts to provide, a copy of Dr. Alvy’s new book, PARENTING ERRORS: How to Solve Them, would make a gift that any parent, family member or colleague who works with parents is very likely to receive with gratitude and appreciation.

It is a new and very practical book that they are unlikely to know about. You will be the person who introduces it to them in the best way possible: by gifting the book to them.

The book has already received excellent reviews from parents and book critics.

By going to the book’s website, www.parentingerrors.com,
you will be able to see the reviews as well as place your order.

The book provides a comprehensive definition of parenting, so you will learn why parenting errors are so common. Then you will learn a unique approach to coping with such errors, through which readers are encouraged to contact Dr. Alvy to discuss using that approach and the results of using it.

The book also provides examples for immediate use of great ways of relating to children. It further describes the best contemporary parenting programs, including special programs for African American, First American and Latino parents.

PARENTING ERRORS: How to Solve Them is a book that will be referred to often to make family life more harmonious.

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