A Parenting Guide for Every Pediatrician’s Office: PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them

A perfect parenting guidebook for every pediatrician’s office is now available! It is called… PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them.

The Website (www.parentingerrors.com) for this practical guide contains the excellent reviews the book has already received.

The book is written by eminent child psychologist, Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, the founder and director of the 43 year old Center for the Improvement of Child Caring in California (www.ciccparenting.org). The work of Dr. Alvy and the Center has already helped over a million parents to be more sensitive and caring in raising their children.

The new guidebook acknowledges the many responsibilities and challenges of parenting, which results in every parent being prone to make errors. It then (a) defines the type of errors parents make (Errors of commission and omission), (b) provides a systematic approach to solving errors, (c) offers examples, (for the immediate use of positive parenting skills), and (d) connects parents to an array of easily accessible resources they can use in their communities and over the Internet to improve their parenting.

To obtain the book click HERE

To watch the Parenting Errors Video Trailer click HERE

One thought on “A Parenting Guide for Every Pediatrician’s Office: PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them

  1. There’s a huge need to make people realize that parents can be toxic too. I have seen many children struggling with depression because of toxic parenting. My parents were my biggest supporters, from the day I started providing, till today. But I still know that how badly parents can influence the mental health of kids because of basic empathy! This book should be given out to most people!!!

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