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LOS ANGELES, CA—In the late 1970s, the non-profit Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) created, and began training instructors to deliver, what has become the most widely used parenting program for African Americans, the Effective Black Parenting Program. Over a million African American parents have already been helped in raising happy, healthy and successful children, because they have enrolled in classes that teach the values, ideas and techniques of this national model program.

Now, for the first time, there is a website that is devoted totally to that program and it’s many benefits to parents and children. The new website is .

The website details how and why the program was created and indicates all the African American parenting authorities who were involved in its creation.

The website presents never-before available research findings that led to including in the program:

1. How parents can build a Pyramid of Success for Black Children by modeling and reinforcing positive character traits.

2. How parents can learn and use Effective Praising, and other techniques of the Modern Black Self-Discipline Approach, to gain the cooperation and respect of their children. This modern approach provides a non-violent alternative to the Traditional Black Discipline Approach where physical punishment is used primarily.

3. How parents can learn and connect the positive parenting techniques and ideas of the program to relevant African Proverbs such as “When the heart overflows, it comes out through the mouth” and “A shepherd does not strike his sheep”.

The website further provides research findings on how the program improves child-parent relations and decreases child behavior problems. How to bring the program to a community is done by having more instructors trained through professionally-led workshops.

As Dr. Kerby Alvy, the founder and director of the 43-year-old CICC, states, “The existence and use of the Effective Black Parenting Program clearly shows that ‘Black Lives Matter’. And further shows that Black parents care enough to learn how to do the best job possible in raising their children.”

The next workshop to train instructors is scheduled for the week of March 5-9, 2018 in Merced, CA.

For Information about this workshop, Click HERE

To directly enroll in this workshop, Click HERE

Help African American Parents Raise Healthy, Happy and Confident Children

Right now is your last chance to be part of the March 5-9, 2018 parenting instructor training workshop to learn how to deliver the nation’s top parenting program for African Americans, CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

Enroll immediately to join 20 enthusiastic counselors, social workers, educators, prevention specialists and community leaders who have already enrolled in this Northern California training event.

Here are the specifics about enrolling in the March 5-9, 2018 workshop:

1) PURPOSE: To learn how to deliver classes in the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

2) WHAT YOU GET: 5 Days of Professional Training, a Complete Instructor’s Kit of materials needed to run classes, and Certification to conduct classes.

3) ENROLLMENT FEE: $1,495.00 (which includes a Complete Instructor’s Kit valued at $460)

4) WORKSHOP LEADER: Ida A. Collier, a National Trainer of Workshops in CICC’s Effective Black Parenting Program.

5) LOCATION: Merced County Office of Education, Early Education Department, 1850 Wardrobe Avenue, Merced, CA 95341

6) TIME COMMITMENT: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon.-Fri., March 5-9, 2018

To Enroll, Click Here and be sure that you also complete the Enrollee Information Form at the bottom of that page. While enrolling, you can read reactions from parents who have just graduated from the program.

For information about the history of the program, about the research on how it was created, and about why 6000 professionals and paraprofessionals have already completed the same five-day training experience, visit the program’s new website,

You might also want to see the state-by-state listing of the 2500 agencies, departments, and schools who paid for their staffs to be certified to deliver the program in their cities and counties. Click Here for that honor roll list.