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Effective Parenting Certificate of Appreciation

On this the 44th anniversary of its national parenting education organization, the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) is proud to announce the availability of an Effective Parenting Certificate of Appreciation.

This certificate is designed to recognize and honor any person who is raising children who has taken the time and energy to enroll in and complete a parenting education class or service to become more sensitive, knowledgeable and effective.

To obtain your certificate if you have completed a parenting education class or service, email Dr. Alvy, the Founder and Executive Director of CICC, at and include:

1. Your name and mailing and email addresses,
2. The name of the class or service you completed, and
3. The dates and location of the class or service.

If you are a trained parenting educator, leader or coach, please have parents in your current classes or services, or prior such classes or services, also write Dr. Alvy for their certificates.

If you are an administrator of a school, school district or other organization that provides parenting education classes or services, please alert your parents to write Dr. Alvy for their certificates.

You may also want to obtain Dr. Alvy’s new guidebook for parents, Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them. Numerous modern parenting education programs and services are described in that guidebook, as well as a practical approach to deal with errors of commission or commission you may be making or have made.

Order the Parenting Errors guidebook by clicking HERE.

Congratulations for wanting to do the best job possible in raising the next generation of adults, parents and community leaders!

HOW TO RAISE KIND KIDS: A Modern Masterpiece!

The latest parenting guidebook by Dr. Thomas Lickona, the father of the Character Education Movement, is a contemporary masterpiece.

Every chapter and appendix draws on the latest research on what to do to raise kind children. Dr. Lickona and his wife’s experiences in raising their now adult children and their grandchildren are also highlighted.

His book tackles the latest challenges to parents, such as how to help kids avoid the dangers of a Hyper-Sexualized Culture – And Find True Love.

He educates about the history and current status of our Toxic-Political Culture, and how parents can give their children guidance on how to cope. He also tackles and helps us with the Culture of Entitlement and spoiling children.

There are special sections on raising tempermentally difficult children.

Altogether, a cornucopia of guidance for helping to shape respectable and responsible lives for our children. “This book should become the Dr. Spock volume for today’s child-rearing environment”, says Dr. Alvy of CICC. He is a colleague and admirer of Dr. Lickona, who was a fellow recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the institution from which they both earned their doctorates.

Dr. Alvy also made extensive usage of Dr. Lickona’s stage of moral reasoning in CICC’s national model parenting programs, The New Confidant Parenting and the Effective Black Parenting Programs.

Lickona’s new book is the gem of his prodigious contributions to the quality of family and community life. Do not hesitate to obtain it right away! To obtain it, click HERE

New Award for Parenting Errors

Dr. Kerby T. Alvy’s parenting guidebook, PARENTING ERRORS: How To Solve Them, just received an important Eric Hoffer Book Award for 2018. The book earned an Honorable Mention in the Home category for recently published books.

This award was founded in the name of moral and social philosopher, Eric Hoffer, to honor free-thinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit.

PARENTING ERRORS is now available from the website of the non-profit Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC). Thus, your purchase will help extend CICC’s parenting education services, as well as bring you and your family excellent ways of raising and relating to children. Click HERE to obtain the book.

Here is what readers and reviewers are saying about Dr. Alvy’s book:

“Reading this book was remarkably illuminating and made me assess my own parenting as well as my relationships with my children.”

“An insightful text that will help parents overcome mistakes to become the best parents they can be, resulting in having the best children they can have.”

“Alvy’s book would be great for child psychologists who want to study the best psychological methods to help parents and children.”

“An easy-to-read approach to universal parenting mistakes and from which anyone can benefit to become better adults. It presents a standard for future generations to model.”

CICC Partnership with Gifted Parents!

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) is delighted to announce its official partnership with Gifted Parents (GP), a global network of parents passionate about their children’s education and future well-being, and eager to make a positive impact in the world. We are excited to be able to offer our families an access to a global network of families, educators and professionals that can help guide as well as connect families in many meaningful ways. Some of the unique features of GP include:

• Access to World-Class Industry Experts & Information

• Weekly live-webinars are conducted by world-class experts in various industries from around the world, including a Q&A session where members can interact and get personal feedback. All live-webinars are recorded and posted on the archive to be viewed anytime.

• A library of written columns from our experts on topics such as “Taking Care of Yourself: The First Step to Good Parenting” and “Your Child’s College Essay-Make It Great”

• A Global Member Directory

• Current GP members come from over 100 major cities in 43 countries and are growing rapidly each day. Members can search for like-minded member parents worldwide by location or children’s age group for one-on-one communication and sharing.

• Opportunities to participate in worldwide events, internships and partnerships

• The diverse membership base allows for global internship and job opportunities. For example, a member in Dubai recently posted an internship opportunity including room & board for summer of 2017.

• Member families and their children also have the opportunity to meet in person while traveling, forming life-long relationships.

• Discussion Boards

• Members can discuss any topic of choice on a variety of discussion boards.

• Exclusive Member-Only Discounts

• Many of GP’s corporate partners allow substantial discounts on their products and services exclusively for GP members. (e.g. discount on select Princeton Review products (test-prep courses, individual online tutoring, discount at registration for summer camps and programs at Summer Institute for the Gifted, discounts for first-class airfare from Executive Flights, etc.)

For more information about Gifted Parents and its member benefits, please visit

CICC Members and Friends: Please use the exclusive code “CICC50” to receive 50% discount on the Gifted Parents membership.