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Self-Teaching Tools for Managing Child Behaviors

Every parent needs and deserves to know how to positively manage the behaviors of their children.

The Parent Handbook of CICC’s New Confident Parenting Program provides such practical guidance. It contains units of instruction on:

How Children Learn,

How to use Family Rules to benefit everyone in the family,

How to use the Thinking Parents Approach in responding to child behaviors,

How to Praise effectively,

How to Set Limits and Discipline without yelling or spanking,

How to make technology an ally and not a competitor, and

How to help children refuse and stay off drugs.

To order this $30 handbook, click Here.

If you would like to run classes to teach these parenting ideas and skills, purchase the complete Instructors Kit.

If you would like to bring a workshop to your community to teach groups of instructors, fill out and return the Workshop Application Form.

All parents make mistakes in raising children.

Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them clarifies the many and interrelated responsibilities of parents, defines what parenting errors are, and provides a unique approach to solving them.

This guidebook costs $19.95 and can be obtained by clicking Here.