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Parenting Errors Guidebook: 50% Discount as a Holiday Gift

Dr. Kerby Alvy’s highly respected parenting guidebook, on how best to understand and cope with common child rearing mistakes, is an excellent holiday gift. Autographed copies are currently available at a significant discount!

This practical 125 page book has received excellent reviews and prestigious awards. It provides details of why all parents are prone to make errors because of the awesome responsibilities that are part of the daily care of children. It details both errors of commission and omission, including those that may have been continuing for months or even years.

Then the book provides a unique approach for addressing and overcoming mistakes: The AAR Approach: Admitting to ourselves that we have made mistakes, Apologizing to our children for making mistakes, and, most importantly, Restoring or Reimbursing our children for the mistakes with a concrete plan for avoiding future errors.

The book is full of usable examples of the more productive and positive ways of relating to children and youth. Included are real life examples that are relevant to different populations of parents (First Nation, African American, and Latino).

Parenting Errors deserves to be part of every parents’ preparation and education!

The cost for the soft cover version is usually $19.99. But here it is made available at a holiday gift price of $9.99 when you use our Holiday Coupon Code: PEHOLIDAY (This is good through January 31, 2020).

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Dr. Alvy, a clinical child psychologist, is the founder and director of the 45 year old Center for the Improvement of Child Caring ( Parenting Errors is one of his many books, manuals and parenting programs (See the complete works of Dr. Alvy). His work has already assisted over a million parents to become more sensitive and effective in helping their children to reach their full potential.