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Parenting and the Coronavirus: Educating and Guiding Children

The fastest and most comprehensive way to learn about what to do and say to children about the pandemic Corona Virus is to use the internet. There you will find an excellent array of authoritative and sensitive articles and videos to best prepare you.

Written by experts in the fields of child and family life, you will find such powerful and simple articles like:

8 Tips on what to tell your kids about coronavirus

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Coronavirus Outbreak

The videos include CNN where experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics explain the relationship between reassuring children about the virus and educating them

Another excellent video is from the CDC which, among other important topics, discusses useful ways about talking to different aged children

All parents and people who work with children are well served by taking advantage of these convenient and practical resources. We at the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring urge you to be the best parent and friend to children by making frequent use of these resources.

The New Confident Parenting, with Yelling, Threatening, Putting Down: What To Do Instead

The 46 year old Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) is making available its New Confident Parenting Program for use worldwide. This cognitive behavioral skill-building effort, which was initially developed through research and demonstration grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, is designed for use with families from any cultural background and with children of different ages including with teenagers.

The original Confident Parenting Program was created in the 1970s for families of children 2 to 12. It taught several non-violent parenting skills such as effective praise, mild social disapproval, ignoring, time out and a special incentive system. It was developed within a child mental health clinic where it was used as an adjunctive treatment intervention with parents whose children had been referred for behavior problems. It was found to be highly effective in reducing problematic child behaviors and improving the quality of family life. When CICC adopted the program, it became successfully employed as part of a national model for training parenting instructors.

The New version was created for use in the current millennium. It covers more parenting skills, strategies and topics of contemporary interest, such as how to manage social media and technology. It is written by Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, CICC’s founder and director, and Dr. Camilla A. Clarke, one of CICC’s National Trainers of Instructors.

The new curriculum consists of 15 instructional units, which appear in the Parent’s Handbook. An instructor can teach all units as part of a parenting class or selected units. Thus, the program allows for classes of varying lengths.

The program is accompanied by a DVD where many of its parenting skills and strategies are exemplified, Yelling, Threatening, Putting Down: What To Do Instead. Included are the Effective Praising and Mild Social Disapproval skills and the “Thinking Parent’s Approach” and “Family Rules Are Like a Coin” strategies. Scenes where parents are about to yell, threaten or put down children are shown. The DVD is stopped to ask parents what they would do instead? Then the DVD is shown again with examples of very positive ways of managing child rearing challenges. The families depicted in the scenes are from different cultural backgrounds.

The Instructional Kit for the program includes a Parent’s Handbook, the Yelling DVD with its own Discussion Guide, 54 amusingly illustrated Family Rule Cards, 117 Instructional Charts and Drawings to use while teaching all or parts of the program and much more.

A professionally-led Parenting Instructor Training Workshop in this program can be arranged for any location. It provides training by one of CICC’s National Training Instructors, the Complete Instructor Kit, and Certification to conduct classes. If interested in bringing the workshop to your area, please complete and return a Workshop Application Form HERE.