Parenting and the Coronavirus: Educating and Guiding Children

The fastest and most comprehensive way to learn about what to do and say to children about the pandemic Corona Virus is to use the internet. There you will find an excellent array of authoritative and sensitive articles and videos to best prepare you.

Written by experts in the fields of child and family life, you will find such powerful and simple articles like:

8 Tips on what to tell your kids about coronavirus

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Coronavirus Outbreak

The videos include CNN where experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics explain the relationship between reassuring children about the virus and educating them

Another excellent video is from the CDC which, among other important topics, discusses useful ways about talking to different aged children

All parents and people who work with children are well served by taking advantage of these convenient and practical resources. We at the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring urge you to be the best parent and friend to children by making frequent use of these resources.

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