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FREE Parenting Guidebooks During Coronavirus & Dr. Alvy’s KTLA Interview

Dr Kerby T. Alvy, CICC’s Founder & Director, was interviewed last week on the KTLA News about making available, FREE Parenting Guidebooks via Digital Downloading during the Coronavirus. If you missed his interview, you can see it now by clicking HERE.

If you have not done so yet, you can download your FREE copies of the guidebooks by visiting the Blog on CICC’s website:

Two of the guidebooks are for parents of all cultural backgrounds (The New Power of Positive Parenting & Parenting Errors). The third is especially for parents of African American children (The Soulful Parent).

The titles of the relevant Posts on the Blog are:

A 3rd FREE Parenting Book During Coronavirus for Parents of African American Children

A Second FREE Parenting Book During Coronavirus

FREE Parenting Books During Coronavirus

If you still have not read CICC’s announcement regarding speaking to children about the virus, click on this title to receive it: Parenting and the Coronavirus: Educating and Guiding Children.

To learn more about CICC and Dr. Alvy, click HERE.