“Get Home Safely” Rules When Encountering Police & Dr. Alvy on ABC7 TV Re: FREE Parenting Guides

Because encounters with police have brought police brutality and racism as their own Viruses, CICC is republishing practical Rules for Getting Home Safely. These rules are designed to insure that children and youth and anyone else who is stopped by police “get home safely.”

In addition to the English version, CICC also has a Spanish version, Llegar A Casa Seguro.

The 10 rules were initially developed by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Here they are:

Llegar A Casa Seguro

Get Home Safely Rules

We urge you to make extensive use of these safety rules.

While this social pandemic is plaguing our world, Dr. Alvy appeared on ABC7 Eyewitness News to remind parents how to obtain Free Parenting Guidebooks to help them in relating to their children. Click HERE to see the interview and get directions to receive these practical Guidebooks. These Guidebooks are:

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