Parenting Books, Videos and Parenting Program Instructor Kits
Parenting Books and Videos

This fast-growing section of the CICC Website contains and will continue to contain one of the most substantial arrays of parenting and child development books, videos and other written and electronic educational materials. It is updated on a regular basis and new items are added.

As you will see as you review the menu of selections, these parenting and child development materials are subdivided into topic sections, such as materials for and about the parenting of all children, or about the parenting of children with special needs, or about the parenting of children from different cultural backgrounds.

The educational items that are included in these subsections are for both parents and for the professionals who work with parents and children.
Parenting Program Materials
This ever-expanding Website section also contains one of the largest - if not THE largest - selections of high quality parenting program curricula in the world.

CICC's professional staff, headed by Dr. Kerby T. Alvy, has carefully examined the content, teaching methodologies and materials, and research on most of the best known and widely used parenting programs. It has selected several of these programs to be included here, along with the CICC trio of award-winning parenting skill-building programs, Confident Parenting, Effective Black Parenting and Los Niños Bien Educados.

Nearly all of the educational materials mentioned thus far are also available in the Third Edition of the CICC Parent Training and Family Life Catalog. This highly attractive catalog can also be obtained through this section of the Website.

There are other features or subsections that CICC is in the process of creating for this part of our Website and we encourage you to visit it often to see what's new and exciting.

Have a great time and get yourself and your organizations the best possible educational materials!

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