CICC is happy to welcome you and/or your agency to numerous opportunities to enhance and
enrich the quality of services that you deliver to the parents and children in your community!

CICC has been providing continuing education workshops, courses and conferences for over 25 years. Thousands of individuals and agencies have been trained throughout the United States and from countries in Europe.

The individuals who have been trained through CICC's continuing education efforts include:
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Nurses
  • Parent Involvement Specialists
  • Marriage Therapists
  • Children Services Workers
  • Parent Aids
  • Parent-Community Liaison Workers
  • Parent Educators
  • Prevention Specialists
  • Head Start Teachers
  • Child Development Specialists
  • Child Care Professionals
  • Health Educators
  • Family Life Educators
These individuals and/or their agencies have found that the new prevention, education, intervention and assessment services that they have learned to deliver through CICC have improved the lives and functioning of nearly all the families who became recipients of these services.

Through its quarter century of providing continuing education, and through its research on the impact of such education, CICC also knows that there are additional benefits to the individuals and agencies who participate.

  • Reputations are enhanced
  • Careers are furthered
  • Individuals, agencies and programs become more marketable
So it should be very worthwhile to spend some time reviewing the continuing education opportunities presented here. Enroll in those that best suit the service needs of your community, and that best address your career and agency objectives.
Parenting Instructor Training Workshops
Here you will find opportunities to become Parenting Instructors in one or more of CICC's award-winning parenting skill-building programs,

CICC has been providing continuing education workshops, courses and conferences for over 25 years. Thousands of individuals and agencies have been trained throughout the United States and from countries in Europe.

  • CICC's Confident Parenting Program
  • CICC's Effective Black Parenting Program
  • CICC's Los Niños Bien Educados Program
You can enroll yourself or your staff in one of the Parenting Instructor Training Workshops that CICC regularly schedules throughout the United States. The enrollment fee for each of these award-winning and professionally-led workshops pays for both the training and for the Instructor Kit of educational materials that is needed when delivering the program to parents (Instructor Manual, Instructional Transparencies, etc.). The Instructor Kit can be purchased separately from the workshop for those who cannot attend or travel to a workshop.

Another option is to have your agency or a coalition of local agencies contract with CICC to bring a workshop to your area whenever it is most convenient to you. Numerous school districts and city, county and state agencies and religious institutions have contracted with CICC for such local workshops. Some have been funded out of the training budgets of their agencies, others through foundation grants that the agencies have written and received. CICC provides extensive descriptions of its programs that are used by others as the basis of grant proposals.

So there are several options for receiving the training and materials to conduct these excellent programs.

Parenting Instructor Training Workshops Nationwide

Purchase of Parenting Instructor Training Kits

Contract with CICC for a Local Instructor Workshop

Obtain Extensive Program Descriptions for Grant Writing Purposes

Developmental Assessment Course
If you are a psychologist or other health care and mental health professional who provides developmental or intake assessments of young children, you might also want to learn about a new course that CICC has created on The Assessment of Children Birth Through Five Years.

Very few professionals have been trained to conduct assessments of children in this age range. And now, with an increasing emphasis on delivering services to this age group and on identifying young children with special needs as early as possible, there is a great need for well-thought out and comprehensive assessments of these infants and preschoolers.

CICC recently created and delivered such a badly needed course for the psychologists and other health care providers in Los Angeles County who work in private practices, mental health agencies and clinics, hospitals, centers for the developmentally disabled and in the public school systems.

You can learn more about this multi-disciplinary, ten-session training course. You may also be able to enroll in an upcoming course in Los Angeles County. And, if you represent a professional association, agency, HMO, city, county or state department that may want CICC to customize the course for your staff and help deliver it, you can contact CICC's Training Department.

Learn More About and/or Enroll in the CICC Developmental Assessment Course
Training Conferences for Professionals
CICC has been conducting a variety of training conferences for professionals and community leader audiences for over a quarter of a century. Some conferences have been of national scope. Others have been focused on a particular region of the country, or a specific state, county or city.

Some of the conferences have been for a wide spectrum of professionals and community leaders, such as those conferences that have showcased state-of-the-art parenting programs for the full spectrum of health, human service and educational professionals. Other conferences have been more focused on certain types of professional personnel.

Every type of CICC professional training conference can be replicated and customized for any national, state, county or city agency, department, or consortium that could benefit from such conferences being conducted in a particular area.

On this webpage, you can learn about three different types of CICC professional training conferences that are currently available for replication and customization:

Parent Training Program Showcase Conferences

Clicking on the titles for these conferences will take you to conference descriptions and instructions on how to explore bringing the conferences to your community.

In terms of both the Getting Parents On Your Side and Working Together to Help Young Children with Special Needs Conferences, CICC will be conducting several of these in Los Angeles over the next few years.

You will be able to Enroll or Reserve Enrollments in these conferences by clicking on the appropriate description.

Finally, you may want to view a list of agencies nationwide that have had their staffs trained to deliver parenting services through CICC. You may find that one or more agencies or schools or companies in your area have already had professionals trained through CICC!

List of Agencies Whose Staffs CICC Has Trained

We hope that you find the right training opportunity for yourself and your agency and community. We look forward to working with you on any or all of these opportunities.


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